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the cast

Prin Merkanteel

Prin Merkanteel aka Stray Horn is an artist and scientist accustomed to an affluent and aristocratic life.  The story centres on his experience as he and his soul mate Priz Nia'mah Em get caught up in a horrifying war on the distant planet Zederth.  Merkanteel is the most brilliant composer, musician and soundwave scientist of his time. The music he writes is inspired by the vibrations of the spheres in the cluster. Merkanteel is tall and slender frame, his mane of fiery red hair and  green eyes, contrasting with his pale grey, translucent skin, making him appear almost surreal.



Priz Em

Priz Em is the picture of exotic femininity. Her cat like eyes, large and brown, and her full lipped fuchsia mouth fill her elf like face. Her dark purple hair, worn in short braids, enhances her brown-lilac skin. She is easily one of the most beautiful women in Mega Centarri. Priz Em is a vocalist and poet of extraordinary talents.

Priz Em and  Prin Merkanteel are known as the Icons. In a world that believes that music is the voice of the cosmos, their incredible talents and accomplishments have gained them godlike status. The Icons are at the peak of their popularity when these events take place.


       The Beast of Geh
The Beast of GehStray Horn’s and Priz Em's nemesis. The last of an evil species that roamed the universe looking for planets to infest. To gain control over new territory, the Beasts pretend to come in peace, but because they thrive only on negative energy, they quickly spread disharmony and misery wherever they go. The Beasts of Geh are horned monsters; some quite pale and some quite dark in complexion, but they can shapeshift into the appearance of their prey. They can live only in darkness, as light is unbearable to them. The Beasts spawn asexually and can reproduce rapidly.
Captain Daegard
Captain Daegard: Leader of the Army of Resistance of Zederth.

Huben:  Minister of Inter-Planetary Affairs

The High Council 

The High Council of Twelve: The Guardians and Government of Mega Centarri.

Styn Wai

Styn Wai: The ancient weapon of destruction that was used to annihilate the Beasts of Geh.  This weapon was created by Prin Merkanteel aka Stray Horn in his past life.


Su: The changeling and Oracle living on Zederth. 

Su, Mind and Cskava

Su, Mind and Cskava:  The Oracles are Ci who have lived and waited through millennia for the rebirth of Stray Horn and Priz Em

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Cskava and CC

Cskava: The Oracle on Zederth. CC is her pet and companion.

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Mind: The Oracle on Central Planet. 

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