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The story

As our story begins, the beast is waking from its coma.  The people of Zederth are waking up to the truth of their existence.

Prin Merkanteel and Priz Em are falling out of love.

Civil war has broken out on Zederth, a planet on the outer rim of the star cluster Mega Centarri.  For a civilization that prides itself on being civilized, the war on Zederth has come as a great surprise, and as a great embarrassment.

The High Council, the leaders of Mega Centarri, fearing the disruptive effect Zederth’s civil war might have on the rest of the cluster, have suppressed as much information about it as they could.

Priz Em and Prin Merkanteel, the spiritual leaders of Mega Centarri who are also husband and wife, are suffering a heart- breaking rift in what has been a blissful and flawless union. Neither of them can account for the distance growing between them. Since the start of the civil war on Zederth, they have both been haunted by the same dream. Together they battle terrifying demons and hideous monsters, always in the same place; a distant planet that neither of them has ever visited. During the battle, there is one creature they never see; but they feel his presence, feel his hate as he directs his creatures to attack them. Just as they are about to discover his identity, they always wake up.

Priz Em and Prin Merkanteel meet with the High Council where they reveal their joined nightmare and their intention to go to Zederth: the source of their dream.

This begins Merkanteel’s terrible ordeal on Zederth and marks the start of his journey to discover and reactivate the ancient weapon Styn Wai.  It is a race against the last surviving Beast of Geh, who is intent on destroying the weapon.

During this journey, Prin Merkanteel and Priz Em learn that they are reborn Ci named Stray Horn and Kajiya. They discover that thousands of years before, they were the ones that created and used the weapon that destroyed the Beasts of Geh and saved Mega Centarri.

Ultimately, it is the destiny of Prin Merkanteel/Stray Horn and Priz Em/Kajiya to rid Mega Centarri of the last surviving Beast of Geh, using the ancient auviton weapon Styn Wai.

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