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Mega Centarri

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Writer: Kathleen Irvine

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Two worlds move as one

Through the light of golden suns

A marriage made in eternity

Gave birth to our harmony


Two as one we seek the same

Two as one we must remain

Let no evil put asunder

This union of cosmic wonder

This is the millennia-spanning story of an immense struggle against an evil and cunning foe in the star cluster named Mega Centarri.  

 In Mega Centarri history has become myth. The cluster has existed in harmonious peace for a thousand years, thus the heroic deeds of ancient heroes and sheroes called the Ci are now thought to be fantasy. 


The Story

 Prin Jori Merkanteel is a musician and scientist used to an affluent and aristocratic lifestyle.  The story centres on his experience as he and his soul mate, Priz Naimah Em are caught up in a horrific war on Zederth, a planet on the outer edge of the Mega Centarri cluster. 



War has broken out on Zederth, for a civilization that prides itself on being civilized, the war on Zederth has come as a great surprise and much embarrassment. The High Council fearing the disruptive effect war on Zederth would have on the rest of the cluster, have chosen to keep it secret.


As the story commences, Priz Em and Prin Merkanteel are suffering a heart-breaking rift in what has been a happy and loving relationship that has lasted for many years, neither of them can account for the distance growing between them. Since the war on Zederth started, they have both been haunted by the same dream, and in this dream, they assume new identities, together they battle terrifying demons and hideous monsters, always in the same place, a distant planet that neither of them has ever visited. During the battle, there is one creature they never see, but they feel its presence and its hate as the creature directs monstrous and demonic creatures to attack them. Just as they are about to discover the creature’s identity they always wake up.  

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